The Scammer Who Tried To Scam This Dude Got Owned


We live in an era where almost one in ten people on the internet who text us are scammers. This outrageous situation we are in right now needs to be changed definitely, even though we feel this is our new normal.

One among the seemingly infinite scammers had somehow got his hands on the number of this guy and texted him asking for details, first email and then pictures. Little did the scammer know this dude’s a savage and not one to be taken lightly. Yes, he not only didn’t allow the scammer to end up successful, he also made a complete fool of the scammer in the most hilarious way possible.

(Please note: It’s advised not to respond to any messages from such scammers/hackers on the internet)

The following screenshots (get ready for some laughs!) reveal how the conversation went like:











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