Some Common Myths That Smokers Believe To Be True But Are Totally Wrong About

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Before getting into this article, I would like to let the reader know that I am in no way implying that smoking is “immoral” or that you need to quit smoking. The sole purpose of this article is to ensure smokers know what they’re doing. I believe this knowledge is essential so one (a smoker) doesn’t live in an illusion. If, after you read all of the points below and decide to continue to smoke (because you love smoking), then it’s your choice and no one has the right to stop you (unless you’re under 18 of course). But just know it probably isn’t what you think it is.

The commonly held false beliefs:

1. Smoking helps you when you’re stressed

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No, it doesn’t. You get this “headache” sort of feeling after some hours (or even minutes for some) of smoking, and when you smoke a cigarette again, you feel this headache go away. That uneasy feeling in your head is actually your brain craving the nicotine (Nicotine is what makes you get addicted to cigarettes) in cigarettes.

Whenever you feel stressed, you get an uneasy feeling in your head, and so you smoke, you feel relieved and think your cigarette has helped you face your stress issues.

In actuality, the stress you relieved yourself from is only your brain’s craving for nicotine and was never the stress that was a result of some real problem. Which means you would’ve kept yourself calm and would’ve faced the real problem efficiently without the help of cigarettes if you were never addicted to nicotine in the first place. So, yes, most smokers’ belief that cigarettes help them face stress and help them solve their problems efficiently is wrong. If anything, your nicotine addiction will only add up to your actual problem.


2. Smoking is cool

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Smoking is anything but cool. If you believe you appear “cool” in front of your friends while you smoke, let me tell you, you don’t. If your friends tell you you do, then you sure as hell need to reconsider whom you’re friends with. Just think about it, if they really care about you, would they find it cool of you to spoil your health like that? Anyhow, if having superficial friends is what you want, then go ahead, no issues.


3. I’m healthy now and I can smoke as much as I want, my lungs would only start to get affected when I’m 40, by the time which nothing would matter anymore

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If you’re one to think that, you’re wrong about it. Cigarettes don’t take as much time as you think to affect your lungs. They affect your lungs in an instant, not in 40 years.


4. Reducing the number of cigarettes is going to prolong your cancer-free life

While this may sound logical, it doesn’t apply in real life. Various studies have been conducted on this commonly held belief and most of the studies have proved the belief to be wrong. If you really wish to prolong your life, or you wish to live a healthier life, cutting down on the number of cigarettes isn’t the way, the only way is to stop smoking completely.


5. I know a few old people who smoked and still smoke and are healthy even now

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It is true that a few people have reached their 50s without getting into any serious health problems due to smoking, but the chances of that happening are extremely less. It is kind of like winning the lottery. Well, if you wish to smoke, just know you’re actually risking it and that there are no assurances.

If you still intend to continue to smoke, go ahead and smoke, nobody has the right to intervene. Nobody is stopping you. Do what you love doing or what works for you, cheers!


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