5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Total Keeper


I’ve been coming across a lot of women lately with one question in their mind, does he love me, or is he just tryna get in my pants?

To all the ladies out there with similar doubts in their mind, if your boyfriend shows some or all (in which case you gotta start making your wedding plans) of the following signs, then NEVER, EVER LET HIM GO!

1. The “good morning” texts 


You may think I’m being completely absurd and that a mere “good morning” text doesn’t signify anything, but no, you’re completely wrong to think that. Just think about it, if your boyfriend sends you a text wishing you a happy morning first thing when he wakes up every single day, then doesn’t it mean you’re the first person he thinks about when he wakes up? Doesn’t it mean you’re helluva lot special to him?


2. Periods

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If your boyfriend is one who remembers the time of the month you get your periods, takes special care of you (chocolates, kisses, cuddles et cetera et cetera..) and does his best to make you feel comfortable, then damn girl, he sure as hell loves you like anything. NEVER EVER LET GO OF HIM. I REPEAT. NEVER! This is one big sign you can never find in a fuckboy.


3. Pauses his video games for you


This may seem funny to you, but trust me, there is something about guys and videogames that makes them both inseperable. If he pauses his game for you, it doesn’t matter whether it’s an Xbox game or a mobile phone game, he definitely loves spending time with you. If your guy pauses his online game for you, you simply have to wake up. Just kidding, he’s goals!


4. When you overdrink 


When you’re at his house or wherever and you consume way too much alcohol than you’re supposed to and vomit, and if he, instead of shouting at you or cursing you, helps you get cleaned up and puts you to bed like a darling, he is a total keeper, girl.


5. When you cry, he would cry with you

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To hell with all the “masculine” bs that men can’t cry. When you’re hurt and he doesn’t feel hurt because you’re hurt, it doesn’t mean he’s a “man”, it simply means your feelings doesn’t matter to him (YES, that’s what it means!). When he loves you and cares about you, he’ll definitely cry when you cry, maybe he’ll try to surpress all his tears just so he can have better chances at making you alright, but you can definitely look through him and notice how much he’s hurting on just knowing you’re hurt. If your man does this, then there’s no doubt he loves you very much and he isn’t pretending to just get in your pants.

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