15 Reasons Why Being Single Is Nothing Less Than A Complete Bliss


For all the single people who are worried about their “singleness”, this article will give a pat on your back and let you know you’re doing way better than you think.

Yes, single life is absolutely and undeniably blissful, and here’s 15 reasons why:

1. You can sleep in the night

You’re not having those oh so romantic late night calls, all night texts and showing up the next day like a torture victim. You embrace sleep when sleep embraces you.


2. You can wear what you like and only you like

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You don’t have to hunt for the decent barbie pink colour mens shirt or the Armani grey kurta, you wear what suits your mood.


3. No lies, no excuses just fuck the world

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Yes, you heard that right. Relationships usually take a lot of complimenting and coaxing, you may have to sell your soul before giving a few sweet compliments.

4. Your savings and salary is yours and only yours

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You dont have to fill up a piggy bank that belongs to your significant other, it’s going to be broken anyway.

5. Your eyes needn’t be for only one

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How about that hot girl standing over the bar or that cool guy in black loafers. Whaat, NO, you shouldn’t even bat an eyelid at other humans. It’s banned.

6. You’re free for hook ups, flirts and one night stands  

With no commitment comes great freedom of choice, of words, of actions, and of thoughts. So go ahead, have an adrenal rush for a whole night, who cares.

7. More time with friends, especially your opposite sex besties

Into a relationship and you’re suddenly all alone with no one to share your feelings and no time to spend with the few friends you have.

8. More work focus, less distractions

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You dont have to text them inbetween your each breath. While lunch break you will eat with no necessity of being a multi tasking maniac.

9. Less things to remember, like what is the birthday of her cat’s third litter of kittens

You dont have to wake up to reminders and you dont have to forget to set up a remimder, it’s enough if you remember your name and address.

10. You dont have to ask anyone before relocating to a better city/country

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Remember all the drama your relatives staged when you were to go to a college in a different city. It’s different now, one manipulating person upstages all your relatives and can even convince your boss you wont do well outside.

11. Travel the world, explore

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You dont have to book tickets for two, find a room for two. You’re single and on your own.

12. You get a lot of time for self improvement

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No running around like a sheep in the market or waking behind like an escort in the malls. Come home, read a book, wait who we kidding? Just netflix, beer and chill.

13. Relax, relax that’s what you do in weekends

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14. You don’t have to watch the boring soap operas she wants you to watch

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She wants you to tell her sweet things like what Karan Patel told to Ishita on the 23rd minute of episode 351. Come on, go get a life

15. You dont have to look and act like some Sharmaji ke beta she always drools over

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No more burning the night’s oil to fulfill expectations even Hercules and Achilles would fail. You are what you are and you shall stay that way until it doesn’t require you standing behind the bars or getting therapy everyday.
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