10 Things You Need To Do To Have A More Fulfilling and Productive Life

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1. Get out of Facebook

Reading it through Facebook, huh? That’s okay. But get to know this, Facebook and it’s sister companies aren’t the only way to connect with people. Did I forget to tell this, stop Whatsapping too. Just keep them in limits.


2. Go for a stroll

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Go for a stroll in a pleasant place, there’s no point in walking around the fish market and trespassing road traffic. Find some trees and walk under them.


3. Grab a book

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Yes, grab a book. Now dont say you’ve got Kindle or hundreds of books online. Get your hands on a paper bound book and turn each page to read, burns more calories, just kidding, wait I’m not so sure.


4. Clean up your home

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Ever spent a whole day out and you got home to a dungen that looks like the flood just drained off leaving behind a ton of garbage, yes? Okay, time for some cleaning.


5. Learn to cook

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You need this, no, you dont need a wife to do that. You have to learn to cook, if that means you have to learn to cook boiling water, it’s okay, just learn it.


6. Learn new skills

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Still single huh, probably you got no tricks to impress the girls or attract the guys. Go out find a trainer or a good YouTube channel and learn to sing, dance, walk or talk. Just learn something good.


7. Relax

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Relax! Really, RELAX. Sometimes relax refers to working out, if that’s the case then yoga, pilates, aerobics would do it. Or just a cup of coffee on your balcony is enough.


8. Talk to people in person

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Talk to people, that’s what Facebook and Whatsapp are for, right? No, WRONG. They are for talking to people whom you can’t talk to in person. Aren’t you now thinking of texting your mom to bring in snacks to your room from the kitchen?


9. Create something

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Yes, create someting, anything. A better body, a DYI pencil stand or a room decor that looks completely like shit, That’s okay, thats how everything starts. Just work on moving that lazy a**.


10. Go get a life

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Finally and ultimately, if you got free time, then go get a life. We know you ain’t in love with your schooling or work. When you are free, do what you really want to do and don’t spend your free time complaining on facebook about what you want to do but you can’t as there ain’t no time.

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